At 4Thought Studios LLC we strive to further connect and ease the lives of people through technology.

We are the creators of Epochly, an upcoming interactive social agenda mobile application that creates opportunities to connect, manage, and live.

We are based in Detroit, Michigan, and abide by our 4 ideals: develop new ideas, protect our users, partner with other businesses, and engage with our community.

Join our team and learn your true value.


At 4Thought Studios we believe in the emphasis of human over capital. What does that mean? It means that you are an individual before you are a team member, a person who serves our company instead of just another worker, and an edifice of complex thought instead of a number.

We work to provide our employees with the best experience. These include flexible hours, decisive vacation time, and an emphasis of quality over quantity. Furthermore, our environment is just fun. No more are the days where you show up to an office in a grey suit begging for the heavens to end your life. Now, you can show up naked and we wouldn't care...we would still call the cops and maybe offer you some help, but we wouldn't care.


We offer a diverse environment full of intelligent men and women that are dedicated to thinking creatively and innovatively. This diversity involves not just race, sex, and ethnicity but also revolves around a diversity of thoughts and opinions. For example, if you prefer chocolate and we prefer peanut butter, there's no reason why we can't put them together to make something delicious. Real life can be that simple when people put their minds to it. However, even so, we strive to embrace life's perceived complexities over life's perceived simplicities, therefore we are uninterested in an artificial environment that is devoid of real life perspectives.

To work here you've got to be smart, creative, and curious. We look for candidates who can think on their feet and learn quickly. We also pride ourselves in finding self-starters who can work in a loosely structured environment.

If you think that you're a good fit for our team, send your resume and cover letter to