We are driven by the desire to create experiences.

We are the creators of Epochly, an upcoming interactive social agenda mobile application that creates opportunities to connect, manage, and live.
We are based in Detroit, Michigan, and abide by our 4 ideals: take intelligent risks, be someone your mom would be proud of, avoid buerocratese, and embrace complexities.

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Take intelligent risks

We don’t want to play it safe, but we also don’t want to dive head-first into traffic. We love innovative ideas that are fresh and “out there”, but we love it even more when there is reason to believe that people would embrace this “out there” idea.

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Be someone your mom would be proud of

Yes, not every mother in the world is good, but there are other people you can look up to that allows this concept to stand the test of time. We will always take respect over intelligence, honesty over resourcefulness, and the ability to take responsibility over popularity. This is because we believe true leadership starts with this basic principle: Don’t do anything professionally that you wouldn’t do with your mother in the room.

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Avoid bureaucratese

Do you know what this phrase means? If not, you are probably not as verbose as our copywriter, but this doesn’t mean he gets away that easy. He must explain to you that it means to avoid any technical industry-specific terms that other people don’t understand and that if he must use it then he must explain its meaning. That way, communication will be equal across all departments.

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Embrace complexities & turn them into simple solutions

We understand that the world has complex problems and, so we strive to create simple solutions to them. We strive to make these solutions simple so that we can make them applicable to everyone, not just to a few savvier people.